Words used by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in their speeches at the National Convention of their parties

Who spoke the most? Who used more different words to convince the auditory or motivate those that were still without a definite candidate?
Who has more to say?hillary-clinton-full-speech-words-used-28jul2016
Donald Trump used 5,197 words and Hillary Clinton 5,346.
The following text is a condensed list of words and followed by the number of times it was repeated in the speech.

Friends/1 delegates/1 and/190 fellow/1 Americans/14 I/81 humbly/1 gratefully/1 accept/1 your/13 nomination/1 for/54 the/223 presidency/3 of/150 United/5 States/5 USA/7 Who/32 would’ve/2 believed/3 that/62 when/13 we/76 started/1 this/43 journey/2 on/33 June/1 last/6 year/10 say/6 because/12 are/46 a/69 team/1 would/4 have/66 received/5 almost/5 million/4 votes/3 most/8 in/96 history/4 Republican/4 Party/4 get/4 more/17 than/15 it/44 eight/2 years/10 ago/6 would’ve/1 Democrats/3 other/12 hand/4 fewer/1 they/20 got/1 four/3 not/24 so/24 good/4 Together/1 will/91 lead/4 our/110 back/6 to/148 White/3 House/3 country/33 safety/5 prosperity/2 peace/3 be/33 generosity/1 warmth/1 But/20 also/7 law/8 order/5 convention/3 occurs/1 at/16 moment/3 crisis/2 nation/11 attacks/1 police/6 terrorism/10 cities/5 threaten/2 very/12 way/8 life/7 Any/11 politician/2 does/4 grasp/1 danger/1 is/52 fit/1 watching/3 address/2 tonight/12 seen/5 recent/3 images/2 violence/11 streets/2 chaos/2 communities/6 Many/9 witnessed/1 personally/1 some/3 even/5 been/19 its/5 victims/1 message/5 all/22 you/29 crime/6 today/3 afflicts/1 soon/2 mean/4 come/5 an/10 end/3 Beginning/1 January/2 20th/2 restored/2 basic/2 duty/2 government/5 defend/2 lives/4 own/4 citizens/10 fails/1 do/8 unworthy/1 finally/3 time/9 straightforward/1 assessment/1 state/6 present/1 facts/3 plainly/1 honestly/1 cannot/2 afford/1 politically/1 correct/1 anymore/3 if/6 want/7 hear/2 corporate/2 spin/1 carefully/1 crafted/1 lies/3 media/3 myths/1 holding/1 their/31 next/5 week/1 Go/5 there/9 here/4 no/20 honor/2 American/15 people/21 with/27 truth/1 nothing/5 else/1 These/15 Decades/3 progress/1 made/6 bringing/1 down/7 now/13 being/7 reversed/1 by/25 administration/4 rollback/1 criminal/2 enforcement/4 Homicides/1 increased/1 America/31 largest/3 increase/4 capital/1 killings/1 risen/2 They’re/4 up/8 nearly/5 nearby/1 Baltimore/2 president/12 hometown/1 Chicago/3 victim/2 shootings/1 alone/5 killed/6 area/1 since/3 he/8 took/2 office/6 number/3 officers/3 line/3 has/26 compared/2 point/2 illegal/6 immigrants/3 records/1 ordered/1 deported/1 from/26 roaming/1 free/4 peaceful/2 new/11 immigrant/1 families/6 crossed/1 border/5 far/4 already/2 exceeds/1 entire/2 total/3 released/4 tens/1 thousands/4 into/9 regard/1 impact/1 public/1 or/15 resources/1 One/16 such/4 bordercrosser/1 was/29 his/5 Nebraska/1 ended/1 innocent/2 young/2 girl/1 named/1 Sarah/2 Root/1 She/15 old/1 day/4 after/7 graduating/1 college/1 grade/1 average/1 her/15 class/3 killer/1 then/4 second/1 fugitive/1 I’ve/1 met/1 beautiful/1 family/1 amazing/2 daughter/1 just/8 wasn’t/1 worth/1 protecting/2 child/5 sacrifice/1 altar/1 open/1 borders/3 What/11 about/6 economy/2 Again/15 tell/3 plain/1 ed/1 out/11 nightly/1 news/1 morning/1 newspaper/1 African/3 children/8 living/1 poverty/4 while/2 youth/1 employed/1 Two/1 Latinos/1 Obama/6 oath/4 less/4 Another/5 left/2 workforce/1 entirely/1 Household/1 incomes/1 $4000/1 That’s/4 manufacturing/3 trade/16 deficit/2 reached/2 alltime/1 high/1 Think/4 $800/1 billion/2 We’re/7 gonna/4 fix/5 budget/1 better/6 doubled/1 national/3 debt/2 $19/1 trillion/3 growing/2 yet/3 show/3 roads/2 bridges/2 falling/1 apart/2 airports/3 Third/1 World/11 condition/1 food/1 stamps/1 let/3 us/7 consider/1 affairs/1 abroad/2 only/5 endured/1 domestic/1 disaster/2 they’ve/2 lived/1 through/2 international/1 humiliation/2 remember/3 sailors/1 forced/1 knees/1 Iranian/1 captors/1 gunpoint/1 prior/1 signing/1 Iran/4 deal/5 which/13 gave/2 $150/1 absolutely/3 as/15 worst/2 deals/8 ever/15 negotiated/1 came/2 drew/1 red/1 Syria/4 whole/4 knew/2 meant/1 Libya/4 consulate/1 symbol/1 prestige/1 around/1 globe/1 brought/2 flames/1 safe/6 stable/2 decision/2 put/6 Hillary/10 Clinton/11 charge/1 foreign/4 policy/4 Let’s/1 defeat/3 November/1 am/15 certain/1 truly/3 regrets/1 bad/3 instincts/1 judgment/1 something/1 pointed/1 Bernie/2 Sanders/2 caused/1 disasters/2 unfolding/1 review/1 record/2 preHillary/1 ISIS/4 map/1 Egypt/3 Iraq/3 seeing/1 really/3 big/4 reduction/2 choked/1 sanctions/1 somewhat/1 under/2 control/3 spread/1 across/3 region/2 ruins/1 ambassador/1 staff/1 were/10 helpless/1 die/1 hands/1 savage/1 killers/1 turned/1 over/5 radical/3 Muslim/1 brotherhood/1 forcing/1 military/3 retake/1 path/1 nuclear/1 weapons/1 engulfed/1 civil/1 war/2 refugee/2 threatens/3 West/1 wars/1 Middle/3 East/1 trillions/3 dollars/4 spent/2 lost/4 situation/1 worse/2 before/5 legacy/3 death/1 destruction/2 weakness/1 problems/1 face/2 home/2 long/4 continue/1 relying/1 same/6 politicians/4 created/1 them/19 first/8 place/4 change/6 leadership/2 required/1 produce/2 outcomes/1 share/5 my/36 plan/7 action/3 important/3 difference/1 between/1 opponent/11 Americanism/1 globalism/1 credo/1 led/2 can/12 assured/1 nations/2 treat/1 respect/4 deserve/3 once/2 begin/1 means/1 neighborhoods/1 secure/1 protection/1 without/3 outline/2 reforms/2 add/1 millions/5 jobs/9 wealth/3 used/3 rebuild/2 opposed/1 powerful/2 special/4 interests/4 rigged/5 political/4 economic/5 system/9 exclusive/2 benefit/2 Believe/8 me/14 it’s/3 business/5 elite/1 major/1 donors/1 lining/1 behind/1 campaign/2 know/4 keep/3 throwing/1 money/1 every/15 single/3 thing/1 puppet/1 pull/1 strings/1 why/2 things/5 never/11 right/5 wake/2 determined/1 deliver/2 neglected/1 ignored/1 abandoned/1 visited/1 laidoff/1 factory/1 workers/4 crushed/1 horrible/2 unfair/1 forgotten/3 men/2 women/2 work/12 hard/2 longer/5 voice/3 embraced/1 crying/1 mothers/2 personal/1 agendas/1 patience/2 injustice/2 How/4 great/14 Cleveland/1 Thank/5 tolerance/1 incompetence/1 much/8 sympathy/1 leaders/1 fail/1 suffer/1 lacks/1 courage/1 decency/1 enforce/2 laws/6 still/2 sold/1 lobbyist/1 cash/1 able/3 look/1 secretary/3 illegally/1 stores/1 emails/1 private/1 server/1 deletes/1 authorities/1 can’t/2 see/4 puts/1 risk/1 different/3 form/1 faces/1 consequence/2 corruption/1 level/2 like/4 FBI/1 director/1 says/1 extremely/1 careless/1 negligent/1 handling/1 classified/1 secrets/1 terms/1 minor/1 actually/1 did/3 save/2 facing/1 justice/2 terrible/2 crimes/1 fact/2 greatest/8 accomplishment/2 may/1 committing/1 egregious/1 getting/1 away/2 especially/2 others/2 done/3 paid/1 dearly/1 rakes/1 trading/1 access/1 favors/1 powers/1 joined/1 arena/1 beat/1 themselves/1 Nobody/1 knows/1 firsthand/1 against/4 had/3 chance/3 supporters/2 join/3 movement/2 biggest/1 issue/2 strip/2 too/1 going/25 works/3 fairly/1 justly/1 each/1 cause/2 proud/2 side/2 vice/1 Gov/1 Mike/2 Pence/1 Indiana/2 guy/2 bring/2 success/1 man/3 character/2 job/4 task/1 liberate/1 lawlessness/2 shocked/1 core/1 Dallas/2 brutally/2 executed/1 Immediately/2 continued/1 threats/2 officials/2 shot/1 days/3 Georgia/1 Missouri/1 Wisconsin/1 Kansas/1 Michigan/2 Tennessee/2 Sunday/1 gunned/1 Baton/1 Rouge/1 Louisiana/1 Three/5 badly/1 injured/1 attack/2 person/2 threatening/1 take/6 restore/1 appoint/2 best/4 brightest/1 prosecutors/1 properly/2 race/2 lawandorder/1 candidate/3 irresponsible/1 rhetoric/1 pulpit/1 divide/1 color/1 dangerous/2 environment/1 frankly/2 anybody/1 room/1 watched/1 failed/6 inner/1 education/1 ensure/1 kids/2 treated/1 equally/2 protected/1 ask/2 myself/1 make/12 Detroit/1 Ferguson/1 live/1 dreams/3 must/7 outside/1 barbarians/1 fast/3 France/1 brutal/1 Islamic/4 viciously/1 mowed/1 ruined/1 ripped/1 mourning/1 damage/1 devastation/1 inflicted/1 radicals/1 proven/2 Center/2 San/1 Bernardino/1 Boston/1 Marathon/1 recruiting/1 Chattanooga/1 locations/1 weeks/1 Orlando/1 Florida/1 wonderful/2 savagely/1 murdered/2 terrorist/2 targeted/1 LGBTQ/2 community/2 stop/5 everything/1 power/1 protect/7 oppression/2 hateful/1 ideology/1 nice/1 cheering/1 said/3 need/2 focus/1 gathering/1 intelligence/1 anywhere/2 abandon/1 building/2 regime/1 pushed/1 Instead/4 allies/1 goal/1 destroying/2 stamping/1 doing/3 quickly/3 win/4 includes/3 working/2 ally/1 Israel/1 Recently/1 NATO/2 obsolete/1 cover/1 member/1 countries/6 paying/1 fair/3 usual/1 picking/1 cost/2 Shortly/1 thereafter/1 announced/1 setting/1 program/1 combat/1 true/3 step/1 direction/1 Lastly/1 importantly/1 suspend/1 immigration/9 compromised/1 until/1 vetting/1 mechanisms/1 don’t/4 called/1 Syrian/2 believable/1 what’s/1 happening/2 refugees/2 top/1 existing/1 massive/5 flows/1 coming/1 proposes/1 despite/1 screen/1 find/1 where/6 admit/1 individuals/1 support/5 values/1 love/9 Anyone/1 endorses/1 hatred/1 welcome/1 produced/1 lower/1 wages/2 higher/1 unemployment/1 Latino/1 Monday/1 heard/1 parents/2 whose/2 Mary/4 Ann/2 Mendoza/1 Sabine/2 Durden/1 friend/1 Jamiel/2 Shaw/1 brave/1 representatives/1 suffered/2 gravely/1 travels/1 affected/1 close/1 fathers/1 spilling/1 solve/3 represent/1 demonstrators/1 certainly/1 none/1 protest/1 behalf/1 meet/1 pain/1 wants/3 sanctuary/5 Kate/1 Steinle/1 aw/1 sad/1 talking/1 horribly/1 wounded/1 stand/3 corner/1 send/2 pledge/5 countless/1 suffering/1 awful/1 fate/1 build/2 wall/1 gangs/1 drugs/1 pouring/1 honored/1 receive/2 endorsement/2 patrol/1 agents/1 directly/1 integrity/1 lawful/4 ending/1 catchandrelease/1 cycle/2 human/1 smuggling/1 crossings/1 won’t/1 enforcing/1 rules/2 overstay/1 visas/1 demands/1 security/1 denied/2 listen/1 closely/1 words/2 enforced/1 considerate/1 compassionate/1 everyone/3 compassion/1 struggling/1 exact/1 opposite/1 relief/3 uncontrolled/1 proposing/1 mass/3 amnesty/1 overwhelm/1 schools/2 hospitals/1 further/1 reduce/1 harder/1 escape/1 tremendous/3 impossible/1 vision/1 begins/1 protects/1 stands/1 cheat/1 signature/2 feature/1 billions/1 making/2 I’m/4 rich/1 Using/1 turn/2 agreements/3 onethird/1 following/1 enactment/1 disastrous/2 supported/6 Bill/2 signed/1 NAFTA/3 Ohio/1 Pennsylvania/1 York/1 companies/2 move/1 firing/1 employees/1 along/2 happen/5 virtually/1 agreement/2 China/3 entrance/1 Organization/1 husband/1 colossal/1 mistakes/1 jobkilling/1 South/1 Korea/1 TransPacific/1 Partnership/1 destroy/1 subject/1 rulings/1 governments/1 sign/3 hurts/1 diminishes/1 freedom/1 independence/1 individual/2 enter/1 transactions/1 pages/1 reads/3 understands/1 violations/1 cheats/1 stopping/1 outrageous/1 theft/1 intellectual/1 property/1 product/1 dumping/1 devastating/1 currency/2 manipulation/1 manipulators/1 totally/2 renegotiated/1 renegotiating/1 we’ll/1 walk/1 don’t/1 kind/1 start/4 comes/1 reform/1 tax/3 regulations/1 energy/2 plans/1 proposed/1 run/1 Democrat/1 Middleincome/1 businesses/1 experience/1 profound/1 taxes/2 greatly/1 simplified/1 highesttaxed/1 Reducing/1 roaring/1 it’ll/2 regulation/2 jobkillers/1 Excessive/1 costing/1 $2/1 lift/1 restrictions/1 production/1 $20/1 creating/1 activity/1 miners/2 steelworkers/2 policies/1 flowing/1 improve/1 quality/1 highways/1 tunnels/1 railways/1 tomorrow/1 create/1 rescue/1 failing/1 helping/1 school/1 choice/2 rather/1 bureaucrats/1 serve/2 she’s/2 repeal/2 replace/1 Obamacare/1 choose/3 doctor/2 TSA/1 students/1 drowning/1 pressure/1 off/1 starting/1 adult/1 problem/1 completely/1 depleted/1 asked/1 pay/1 care/2 veterans/1 taken/1 10point/1 veterans’/1 guarantee/1 those/4 visit/1 hospital/1 waiting/2 five/1 dying/1 dismissed/1 VA/1 scandal/1 touch/1 department/1 head/1 provide/1 list/1 wasteful/1 spending/1 projects/1 eliminate/1 talked/1 justices/1 Supreme/1 Court/1 uphold/1 Constitution/1 replacement/1 beloved/1 Scalia/1 similar/1 views/2 principles/1 judicial/1 philosophies/1 issues/1 decided/1 election/1 essentially/1 abolish/1 2nd/1 Amendment/2 early/1 strong/4 Rifle/1 Assn/1 evangelical/1 religious/2 I’ll/1 given/1 I’m/2 sure/1 awesome/1 reason/1 contribute/1 politics/3 prevent/1 speaking/1 minds/1 pulpits/1 Lyndon/1 Johnson/1 institutions/1 loss/1 taxexempt/1 status/1 openly/1 advocate/1 language/1 speech/1 accomplish/1 believing/1 ourselves/1 bigger/1 stronger/1 lucky/1 wife/1 Melania/2 Don/1 Ivanka/2 Eric/1 Tiffany/1 Barron/1 always/2 source/1 pride/1 joy/1 dad/1 Fred/2 Trump/2 smartest/1 hardestworking/1 wonder/1 sometimes/1 he’d/1 him/1 learned/1 youngest/1 age/1 dignity/2 comfortable/1 company/1 bricklayers/1 carpentersand/1 electricians/1 lot/1 mother/2 warm/1 fairminded/1 honest/1 charitable/1 known/1 judge/1 could/1 pick/1 ’em/1 sisters/1 Anne/1 Elizabeth/1 brother/2 Robert/1 late/1 give/1 sole/1 mission/1 victory/1 winning/1 break/1 petty/1 past/1 believers/1 dreamers/1 strivers/1 group/1 censors/1 critics/1 cynics/1 telling/2 wouldn’t/1 doesn’t/1 Oh/1 defeating/2 rely/1 elites/1 anything/1 rise/1 occasion/1 independent/1 asking/1 champion/2 asks/1 recite/2 threeword/1 loyalty/1 parent/1 future/1 fight/1 towns/1 promise/1 God/1 bless/1 goodnight/1 goodnight/1

Thank/9 you/80 all/35 very/2 much/8 for/59 that/64 amazing/1 welcome/1 the/208 great/5 convention/4 we’ve/1 had/14 And/217 Chelsea/1 I’m/12 so/28 proud/7 to/173 be/29 your/21 mother/7 of/97 woman/4 you’ve/3 become/1 bringing/1 Marc/1 into/5 our/75 family/10 Charlotte/1 Aidan/1 world/7 Bill/2 conversation/2 we/99 started/3 in/76 law/3 library/1 years/13 ago/5 it/48 is/43 still/7 going/17 strong/2 know/19 has/10 lasted/1 through/7 good/12 times/3 filled/1 us/31 with/36 joy/1 hard/7 tested/1 I’ve/11 even/7 gotten/3 a/106 few/3 words/5 along/1 way/10 On/22 Tuesday/2 night/3 I/59 was/13 happy/4 see/6 my/27 ExplainerinChief/1 job/7 also/7 grateful/1 rest/2 friends/3 lifetime/1 whose/1 work/16 brought/3 here/14 tonight/6 those/14 who/35 joined/1 campaign/7 this/22 week/3 what/26 remarkable/1 it’s/13 been/4 heard/9 man/5 from/37 Hope/2 Clinton/1 Barack/1 Obama/4 America/23 stronger/8 because/18 President/20 Obama’s/1 leadership/2 better/10 his/12 friendship/1 terrific/1 vice/3 oneandonly/1 Joe/2 Biden/2 He/39 spoke/2 big/8 heart/3 about/11 party’s/1 commitment/1 working/17 people/37 as/28 only/8 can/26 do/22 First/12 Lady/2 Michelle/1 reminded/1 children/8 are/36 watching/3 elect/1 their/16 too/14 out/16 there/8 just/26 getting/1 Tim/2 Kaine/2 will/37 soonunderstand/1 why/5 Virginia/1 keep/12 promoting/1 him/7 city/3 council/1 mayor/1 Governor/1 now/20 Senator/3 he’ll/1 make/19 whole/1 country/25 want/4 Bernie/3 Sanders/2 inspired/2 millions/7 Americans/11 particularly/1 young/8 threw/1 hearts/2 souls/1 primary/2 put/8 economic/2 social/3 justice/4 issues/1 front/2 center/1 where/10 they/21 belong/3 supporters/1 around/3 cause/2 needs/2 ideas/1 energy/4 passion/2 turn/1 progressive/1 platform/1 real/7 change/6 wrote/3 together/16 let’s/7 go/5 happen/2 we’ve/4 come/5 Philadelphia/2 birthplace/1 nation/8 happened/2 something/5 teach/1 today/2 story/3 But/28 usually/1 focus/1 how/15 turned/1 not/33 enough/5 close/1 came/2 never/6 being/1 written/1 at/24 When/24 representatives/1 unruly/1 colonies/1 met/3 down/4 road/1 some/7 wanted/4 stick/2 king/3 revolution/2 hung/1 balance/2 Then/9 somehow/1 began/1 listening/3 each/8 other/11 …/3 compromising/1 finding/1 common/2 purpose/1 by/17 time/7 left/4 begun/1 themselves/1 one/13 That’s/12 made/7 possible/3 stand/7 up/12 took/2 courage/3 founders/4 embraced/1 enduring/2 truth/3 once/1 again/4 moment/1 reckoning/1 Powerful/2 forces/3 threatening/1 pull/2 apart/2 Bonds/1 trust/3 respect/5 fraying/1 no/14 guarantees/1 truly/1 have/30 decide/1 whether/2 rise/2 country’s/1 motto/2 e/1 pluribus/1 unum/1 many/11 stay/2 true/2 Well/10 Donald/15 Trump’s/4 answer/2 last/4 wants/5 divide/1 He’s/8 betting/1 perils/1 today’s/1 blind/1 its/2 unlimited/1 promise/2 taken/1 Republican/1 Party/5 long/6 Morning/1 Midnight/1 fear/5 future/5 Democratic/1 Franklin/1 Delano/1 Roosevelt/1 perfect/2 rebuke/1 Trump/17 more/13 than/11 during/2 perilous/1 thing/3 itself/1 cleareyed/1 against/3 afraid/1 challenge/2 always/3 build/8 wall/3 Instead/1 an/7 economy/10 everyone/5 get/15 we’ll/6 path/2 citizenship/1 immigrants/2 already/3 contributing/2 ban/1 religion/1 allies/3 fight/2 defeat/1 terrorism/1 Yet/2 lot/3 haven’t/2 pay/7 raise/3 since/3 crash/1 There’s/1 inequality/1 little/3 mobility/1 paralysis/1 Washington/2 threats/2 home/4 abroad/1 look/6 minute/1 strengths/1 bring/1 meet/1 these/6 challenges/1 most/7 dynamic/1 diverse/1 tolerant/1 generous/1 ever/7 military/3 innovative/1 entrepreneurs/2 values/1 freedom/1 equality/1 opportunity/3 should/17 associated/1 tell/8 Secretary/2 State/4 went/3 countries/1 hear/4 don’t/13 let/10 anyone/5 weak/1 We’re/13 takes/2 believe/19 says/4 alone/6 fix/4 Yes/5 were/5 actually/2 Cleveland/1 set/1 off/3 alarm/1 bells/1 Really/2 Isn’t/4 forgetting/2 troops/2 lines/1 Police/5 officers/4 firefighters/1 run/1 toward/3 danger/1 Doctors/1 nurses/1 care/6 Teachers/1 lives/8 possibilities/1 every/11 problem/1 Mothers/1 lost/3 violence/2 building/1 movement/1 kids/6 safe/5 say/5 remember/5 fought/1 Constitution/1 would/4 person/1 power/3 Two/1 hundred/1 forty/1 later/3 faith/3 Dallas/1 After/5 assassinations/1 five/1 brave/1 Chief/1 David/1 Brown/1 asked/2 community/3 support/3 force/1 maybe/1 join/8 them/13 responded/1 Nearly/2 applied/1 days/4 call/1 help/8 goes/2 Twenty/2 book/1 called/2 Village/1 looked/1 title/1 heck/1 mean/5 None/3 business/3 heal/2 or/10 lift/3 totally/1 lend/1 talents/1 ambition/1 making/3 lesson/2 history/3 slogan/1 guiding/1 principle/1 works/2 top/3 send/1 school/4 matter/2 ZIP/1 code/1 live/3 dream/2 dreams/2 within/1 reach/2 families/6 communities/3 love/3 trumps/1 hate/1 fighting/4 humility/1 determination/1 boundless/1 confidence/2 America’s/3 accept/1 nomination/1 United/4 States/3 sometimes/2 podium/1 new/7 national/3 stage/3 Served/1 eight/1 York/1 represented/1 titles/1 done/3 public/2 service/2 part/4 easier/2 me/20 name/1 buildings/1 builders/2 different/1 kind/2 American/3 used/1 whatever/4 tools/1 God/2 gave/2 life/6 provided/1 built/2 futures/1 grandfather/1 worked/2 same/2 Scranton/1 lace/1 mill/1 believed/1 if/19 everything/2 did/5 right/12 dad/2 Hugh/1 college/3 played/1 football/1 Penn/1 enlisted/1 Navy/1 Pearl/1 Harbor/1 war/5 over/3 own/4 small/7 printing/1 fabric/1 draperies/1 hours/1 silk/1 screens/1 give/5 brothers/1 opportunities/2 Dorothy/1 abandoned/1 her/8 parents/1 girl/2 She/15 ended/1 house/4 maid/1 saved/1 kindness/1 others/4 grade/1 teacher/1 saw/5 nothing/2 eat/1 lunch/1 extra/1 food/1 share/4 passed/1 stuck/1 gets/1 sure/5 learned/1 Methodist/1 ways/1 Children’s/2 Defense/1 Fund/1 doortodoor/1 Bedford/1 Massachusetts/1 behalf/2 disabilities/3 denied/1 chance/2 meeting/1 wheelchair/1 back/6 porch/1 told/2 badly/1 didn’t/2 seem/1 couldn’t/5 stop/1 thinking/4 child/3 became/2 clear/2 simply/1 caring/1 drive/1 progress/3 both/5 laws/2 need/3 understanding/1 action/1 gathered/1 facts/1 coalition/1 helped/1 convince/1 Congress/1 ensure/1 access/1 education/2 students/2 idea/2 kid/2 disability/2 like/11 stepbystep/1 yearbyyear…/1 doorbydoor/1 swelled/1 Anastasia/1 Somoza/1 representing/1 changed/1 got/3 sweat/1 details/1 policy/1 talking/4 exact/1 level/1 lead/2 drinking/1 water/1 Flint/1 Michigan/2 number/1 mental/1 health/6 facilities/1 Iowa/1 cost/1 prescription/1 drugs/1 detail/1 deal/3 four/1 seen/2 who’ve/1 mine/2 Ryan/3 Moore/1 Lauren/3 Manning/2 stories/2 7yearold/1 wearing/1 full/2 body/1 brace/1 must/4 weighed/1 pounds/1 leaned/1 kept/3 plan/1 universal/1 failed/1 leaders/1 parties/2 create/3 Insurance/2 Program/2 covers/1 million/4 stood/1 such/1 grace/1 gravely/1 injured/1 thought/2 Debbie/2 St/1 John/3 movie/1 Dolan/1 Sweeney/1 victims/1 survivors/1 could/4 Senate/1 responders/1 sick/1 Ground/3 Zero/2 White/2 Situation/1 Room/1 courageous/1 decision/1 finally/1 Osama/1 bin/1 Laden/1 motivate/1 carry/1 voices/1 Republicans/2 Independents/2 supporting/2 Democrats/2 struggling/1 striving/1 successful/1 vote/2 reached/1 milestone/1 nation’s/1 march/1 union/1 major/1 nominated/1 Standing/2 mother’s/1 daughter/2 daughter’s/1 day/4 I’m/2 grandmothers/1 girls/2 between/2 boys/1 men/5 any/5 barrier/1 falls/1 Americait/1 clears/1 ceilings/1 sky’s/1 limit/1 until/1 women/4 across/4 deserves/3 important/1 write/1 ahead/3 begin/2 think/3 cr/2 deserve/2 saving/1 worst/1 crisis/3 lifetimes/1 office/3 privatesector/1 jobs/11 auto/1 industry/1 best/2 year/2 satisfied/1 status/1 quo/1 shot/3 facing/2 deepseated/1 problems/1 developed/1 before/2 recession/1 stayed/1 recovery/1 gone/2 feel/3 isn’t/1 frustrated/1 furious/1 You’re/2 willing/1 awful/1 less/3 period/1 showing/1 empower/1 mission/1 rising/1 wages/1 Especially/1 places/1 behind/1 inner/1 cities/1 towns/1 Indian/1 Coal/1 ravaged/1 addiction/1 regions/1 hollowed/1 plant/1 closures/1 here’s/4 thrives/2 middle/2 class/2 democracy/1 appoint/1 Supreme/1 Court/1 justices/1 money/4 politics/2 expand/2 voting/2 rights/7 restrict/1 necessary/2 pass/4 constitutional/1 amendment/2 overturn/1 Citizens/1 corporations/2 patriotic/1 return/1 aren’t/1 wrong/2 take/4 tax/2 breaks/2 hand/1 pink/1 slips/1 Street/3 allowed/1 wreck/1 Main/1 science/1 climate/2 save/1 planet/1 while/1 creating/2 goodpaying/2 clean/2 hardworking/1 selfdefeating/1 inhumane/1 try/1 kick/1 Comprehensive/1 immigration/2 reform/2 grow/1 beliefs/1 companies/2 profits/1 pad/1 executive/1 bonuses/1 minimum/1 wage/1 living/2 wage…/1 poverty/1 affordable/2 unfair/1 trade/2 deals/1 China/2 steelworkers/1 autoworkers/1 homegrown/1 manufacturers/1 Security/3 protect/1 woman’s/1 decisions/3 wife/1 sister/1 equal/1 we’re/2 70odd/1 minutes/1 odd/1 offered/1 solutions/1 doesn’t/4 things/5 wonder/2 plans/1 might/2 noticed/1 biggest/1 investment/1 II/1 manufacturing/1 technology/1 innovation/1 infrastructure/2 invest/1 lay/1 foundation/1 transform/1 prepare/1 tuitionfree/1 debtfree/1 liberate/1 student/1 debt/1 ignore/1 debts/2 can’t/5 refinance/1 often/1 crucial/1 fouryear/1 degree/1 learn/1 skill/1 practice/1 doing/1 businesses/3 boost/1 die/1 parking/1 lots/1 banks/1 able/1 paid/1 leave/1 playing/1 card/1 investments/1 single/2 superrich/1 start/2 paying/1 fair/2 taxes/1 resent/1 success/1 gains/1 follow/2 ship/1 overseas/1 belongs/1 imagine/6 sitting/1 sounds/1 pretty/1 break/1 gridlock/1 record/1 I’ve/1 aisle/1 treaties/1 launch/1 programs/1 exactly/1 I’ll/1 businessman/1 closer/1 shall/1 Atlantic/1 miles/1 find/2 contractors/1 refused/1 bills/1 said/5 boo/1 needed/1 moneynot/1 wouldn’t/1 stiffed/1 sales/2 pitch/2 you’ll/1 win/1 walked/1 away/2 holding/1 bag/1 talks/1 game/2 putting/2 please/1 explain/1 leads/1 ties/1 Colorado/1 suits/1 Mexico/1 furniture/1 Turkey/1 Ohio/1 picture/1 frames/1 India/1 Wisconsin/1 choice/2 face/4 election/1 stark/1 comes/3 reading/1 news/1 turbulence/1 Baghdad/1 Kabul/1 Nice/1 Paris/1 Brussels/1 San/1 Bernardino/1 toOrlando/1 dealing/1 determined/1 enemies/1 defeated/1 anxious/1 looking/2 reassurance/1 steady/1 Wanting/1 leader/1 understands/1 veterans/2 Keeping/2 honoring/1 highest/1 priority/1 lid/1 Iran’s/1 nuclear/2 without/1 firing/1 enforce/1 Israel’s/1 shaped/1 global/1 agreement/1 hold/1 accountable/1 commitments/1 including/4 ourselves/3 NATO/1 threat/1 Russia/1 laid/1 strategy/1 defeating/1 ISIS/2 strike/1 sanctuaries/1 air/1 local/1 taking/1 surge/1 intelligence/1 detect/1 prevent/1 attacks/1 disrupt/1 efforts/1 online/1 radicalize/1 won’t/1 easy/1 quick/1 mistake/2 prevail/1 quote/1 generals/1 do…/1 thinks/1 knows/1 claimed/1 armed/2 disaster/1 privilege/1 closely/1 Services/1 Committee/1 treasure/1 entrust/1 commanderinchief/3 hardest/1 faces/1 peace/1 death/1 risk/1 serve/2 Captain/1 Khan/1 sons/1 Mike/1 Pence/1 Marines/1 ask/2 yourself/1 temperament/1 handle/1 roughandtumble/1 presidential/1 loses/1 cool/2 slightest/1 provocation/1 tough/1 question/1 reporter/2 challenged/1 debate/1 sees/1 protestor/1 rally/1 dare/1 Oval/1 bait/1 tweet/1 weapons/1 Jackie/1 Kennedy/2 Cuban/1 Missile/1 worried/1 dangerous/2 selfcontrol/1 restraint/1 ones/1 moved/1 pride/1 strength/1 lashing/1 relies/1 smarts/1 judgment/1 resolve/1 precise/1 strategic/1 application/1 pledge/1 serious/1 afford/1 who’s/1 pocket/1 gun/4 lobby/1 repeal/1 2nd/1 guns/3 someone/2 shouldn’t/1 place/1 tirelessly/1 responsible/1 owners/1 commonsense/1 reforms/1 hands/1 criminals/2 terrorists/1 harm/1 decades/1 issue/1 solve/1 hot/1 touch/1 members/2 killed/2 line/1 duty/1 outgunned/1 refuse/1 divides/1 race/1 starts/1 Trying/1 walk/1 other’s/1 shoes/3 black/1 Latino/1 effects/1 systemic/1 racism/1 disposable/1 kissing/1 spouses/1 goodbye/1 heading/1 criminal/1 system/1 endtoend/1 rebuild/1 enforcement/1 defend/2 civil/1 human/1 rights…/2 women’s/1 workers’/1 LGBT/1 divisive/1 rhetoric/1 wherever/1 past/1 laughing/1 comments/1 excusing/1 entertainer/1 show/1 possibly/1 horrible/1 pigs/1 judge/1 Mexican/1 heritage/1 mocks/1 mimics/1 insults/1 prisoners/1 McCain/1 hero/1 patriot/1 admit/1 meant/1 either/1 fathom/1 sad/1 end/1 bigotry/1 bombast/1 offering/3 empty/1 promises/1 bold/1 agenda/1 improve/1 generation/1 freer/1 fairer/1 seems/1 pulling/1 knocked/1 pick/1 myself/1 else/1 tried/1 hide/1 neighborhood/1 bully/1 literally/1 blocked/1 door/1 bullies/1 odds/1 opposition/1 fierce/1 miss/1 voice/1 urging/1 though/1 may/2 glory/1 song/1 musical/1 Hamilton/1 gladly/1 legacy/1 planting/1 seeds/1 garden/1 herenot/1 hall/1 Earth/1 showed/1 drawn/1 selfless/1 chapter/1 destiny/1 ours/1 choose/1 fellow/1 tomorrow/1 beloved/2 greater/1 bless/1 bless/1