American People is not ready to be governed by a woman… not by now

us-electionBesides all the favorable surveys and media support toward Hillary Clinton, the American people decided for Donald Trump. The most powerful nation on earth cannot be leaded by a fragile female figure.
That’s the lesson from this presidential elections, or…
it might be that most Americans still adhere to their traditional moral values and it is too fast the transition for accepting free abortions with no consequences, same sex marriages and other liberal conducts. That was the main differences between both candidates.

Words used by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in their speeches at the National Convention of their parties

Who spoke the most? Who used more different words to convince the auditory or motivate those that were still without a definite candidate?
Who has more to say?hillary-clinton-full-speech-words-used-28jul2016
Donald Trump used 5,197 words and Hillary Clinton 5,346.
The following text is a condensed list of words and followed by the number of times it was repeated in the speech.

Friends/1 delegates/1 and/190 fellow/1 Americans/14 I/81 humbly/1 gratefully/1 accept/1 your/13 nomination/1 for/54 the/223 presidency/3 of/150 United/5 States/5 USA/7 Who/32 would’ve/2 believed/3 that/62 when/13 we/76 started/1 this/43 journey/2 on/33 June/1 last/6 year/10 say/6 because/12 are/46 a/69 team/1 would/4 have/66 received/5 almost/5 million/4 votes/3 most/8 in/96 history/4 Republican/4 Party/4 get/4 more/17 than/15 it/44 eight/2 years/10 ago/6 would’ve/1 Democrats/3 other/12 hand/4 fewer/1 they/20 got/1 four/3 not/24 so/24 good/4 Together/1 will/91 lead/4 our/110 back/6 to/148 White/3 House/3 country/33 safety/5 prosperity/2 peace/3 be/33 generosity/1 warmth/1 But/20 also/7 law/8 order/5 convention/3 occurs/1 at/16 moment/3 crisis/2 nation/11 attacks/1 police/6 terrorism/10 cities/5 threaten/2 very/12 way/8 life/7 Any/11 politician/2 does/4 grasp/1 danger/1 is/52 fit/1 watching/3 address/2 tonight/12 seen/5 recent/3 images/2 violence/11 streets/2 chaos/2 communities/6 Many/9 witnessed/1 personally/1 some/3 even/5 been/19 its/5 victims/1 message/5 all/22 you/29 crime/6 today/3 afflicts/1 soon/2 mean/4 come/5 an/10 end/3 Beginning/1 January/2 20th/2 restored/2 basic/2 duty/2 government/5 defend/2 lives/4 own/4 citizens/10 fails/1 do/8 unworthy/1 finally/3 time/9 straightforward/1 assessment/1 state/6 present/1 facts/3 plainly/1 honestly/1 cannot/2 afford/1 politically/1 correct/1 anymore/3 if/6 want/7 hear/2 corporate/2 spin/1 carefully/1 crafted/1 lies/3 media/3 myths/1 holding/1 their/31 next/5 week/1 Go/5 there/9 here/4 no/20 honor/2 American/15 people/21 with/27 truth/1 nothing/5 else/1 These/15 Decades/3 progress/1 made/6 bringing/1 down/7 now/13 being/7 reversed/1 by/25 administration/4 rollback/1 criminal/2 enforcement/4 Homicides/1 increased/1 America/31 largest/3 increase/4 capital/1 killings/1 risen/2 They’re/4 up/8 nearly/5 nearby/1 Baltimore/2 president/12 hometown/1 Chicago/3 victim/2 shootings/1 alone/5 killed/6 area/1 since/3 he/8 took/2 office/6 number/3 officers/3 line/3 has/26 compared/2 point/2 illegal/6 immigrants/3 records/1 ordered/1 deported/1 from/26 roaming/1 free/4 peaceful/2 new/11 immigrant/1 families/6 crossed/1 border/5 far/4 already/2 exceeds/1 entire/2 total/3 released/4 tens/1 thousands/4 into/9 regard/1 impact/1 public/1 or/15 resources/1 One/16 such/4 bordercrosser/1 was/29 his/5 Nebraska/1 ended/1 innocent/2 young/2 girl/1 named/1 Sarah/2 Root/1 She/15 old/1 day/4 after/7 graduating/1 college/1 grade/1 average/1 her/15 class/3 killer/1 then/4 second/1 fugitive/1 I’ve/1 met/1 beautiful/1 family/1 amazing/2 daughter/1 just/8 wasn’t/1 worth/1 protecting/2 child/5 sacrifice/1 altar/1 open/1 borders/3 What/11 about/6 economy/2 Again/15 tell/3 plain/1 ed/1 out/11 nightly/1 news/1 morning/1 newspaper/1 African/3 children/8 living/1 poverty/4 while/2 youth/1 employed/1 Two/1 Latinos/1 Obama/6 oath/4 less/4 Another/5 left/2 workforce/1 entirely/1 Household/1 incomes/1 $4000/1 That’s/4 manufacturing/3 trade/16 deficit/2 reached/2 alltime/1 high/1 Think/4 $800/1 billion/2 We’re/7 gonna/4 fix/5 budget/1 better/6 doubled/1 national/3 debt/2 $19/1 trillion/3 growing/2 yet/3 show/3 roads/2 bridges/2 falling/1 apart/2 airports/3 Third/1 World/11 condition/1 food/1 stamps/1 let/3 us/7 consider/1 affairs/1 abroad/2 only/5 endured/1 domestic/1 disaster/2 they’ve/2 lived/1 through/2 international/1 humiliation/2 remember/3 sailors/1 forced/1 knees/1 Iranian/1 captors/1 gunpoint/1 prior/1 signing/1 Iran/4 deal/5 which/13 gave/2 $150/1 absolutely/3 as/15 worst/2 deals/8 ever/15 negotiated/1 came/2 drew/1 red/1 Syria/4 whole/4 knew/2 meant/1 Libya/4 consulate/1 symbol/1 prestige/1 around/1 globe/1 brought/2 flames/1 safe/6 stable/2 decision/2 put/6 Hillary/10 Clinton/11 charge/1 foreign/4 policy/4 Let’s/1 defeat/3 November/1 am/15 certain/1 truly/3 regrets/1 bad/3 instincts/1 judgment/1 something/1 pointed/1 Bernie/2 Sanders/2 caused/1 disasters/2 unfolding/1 review/1 record/2 preHillary/1 ISIS/4 map/1 Egypt/3 Iraq/3 seeing/1 really/3 big/4 reduction/2 choked/1 sanctions/1 somewhat/1 under/2 control/3 spread/1 across/3 region/2 ruins/1 ambassador/1 staff/1 were/10 helpless/1 die/1 hands/1 savage/1 killers/1 turned/1 over/5 radical/3 Muslim/1 brotherhood/1 forcing/1 military/3 retake/1 path/1 nuclear/1 weapons/1 engulfed/1 civil/1 war/2 refugee/2 threatens/3 West/1 wars/1 Middle/3 East/1 trillions/3 dollars/4 spent/2 lost/4 situation/1 worse/2 before/5 legacy/3 death/1 destruction/2 weakness/1 problems/1 face/2 home/2 long/4 continue/1 relying/1 same/6 politicians/4 created/1 them/19 first/8 place/4 change/6 leadership/2 required/1 produce/2 outcomes/1 share/5 my/36 plan/7 action/3 important/3 difference/1 between/1 opponent/11 Americanism/1 globalism/1 credo/1 led/2 can/12 assured/1 nations/2 treat/1 respect/4 deserve/3 once/2 begin/1 means/1 neighborhoods/1 secure/1 protection/1 without/3 outline/2 reforms/2 add/1 millions/5 jobs/9 wealth/3 used/3 rebuild/2 opposed/1 powerful/2 special/4 interests/4 rigged/5 political/4 economic/5 system/9 exclusive/2 benefit/2 Believe/8 me/14 it’s/3 business/5 elite/1 major/1 donors/1 lining/1 behind/1 campaign/2 know/4 keep/3 throwing/1 money/1 every/15 single/3 thing/1 puppet/1 pull/1 strings/1 why/2 things/5 never/11 right/5 wake/2 determined/1 deliver/2 neglected/1 ignored/1 abandoned/1 visited/1 laidoff/1 factory/1 workers/4 crushed/1 horrible/2 unfair/1 forgotten/3 men/2 women/2 work/12 hard/2 longer/5 voice/3 embraced/1 crying/1 mothers/2 personal/1 agendas/1 patience/2 injustice/2 How/4 great/14 Cleveland/1 Thank/5 tolerance/1 incompetence/1 much/8 sympathy/1 leaders/1 fail/1 suffer/1 lacks/1 courage/1 decency/1 enforce/2 laws/6 still/2 sold/1 lobbyist/1 cash/1 able/3 look/1 secretary/3 illegally/1 stores/1 emails/1 private/1 server/1 deletes/1 authorities/1 can’t/2 see/4 puts/1 risk/1 different/3 form/1 faces/1 consequence/2 corruption/1 level/2 like/4 FBI/1 director/1 says/1 extremely/1 careless/1 negligent/1 handling/1 classified/1 secrets/1 terms/1 minor/1 actually/1 did/3 save/2 facing/1 justice/2 terrible/2 crimes/1 fact/2 greatest/8 accomplishment/2 may/1 committing/1 egregious/1 getting/1 away/2 especially/2 others/2 done/3 paid/1 dearly/1 rakes/1 trading/1 access/1 favors/1 powers/1 joined/1 arena/1 beat/1 themselves/1 Nobody/1 knows/1 firsthand/1 against/4 had/3 chance/3 supporters/2 join/3 movement/2 biggest/1 issue/2 strip/2 too/1 going/25 works/3 fairly/1 justly/1 each/1 cause/2 proud/2 side/2 vice/1 Gov/1 Mike/2 Pence/1 Indiana/2 guy/2 bring/2 success/1 man/3 character/2 job/4 task/1 liberate/1 lawlessness/2 shocked/1 core/1 Dallas/2 brutally/2 executed/1 Immediately/2 continued/1 threats/2 officials/2 shot/1 days/3 Georgia/1 Missouri/1 Wisconsin/1 Kansas/1 Michigan/2 Tennessee/2 Sunday/1 gunned/1 Baton/1 Rouge/1 Louisiana/1 Three/5 badly/1 injured/1 attack/2 person/2 threatening/1 take/6 restore/1 appoint/2 best/4 brightest/1 prosecutors/1 properly/2 race/2 lawandorder/1 candidate/3 irresponsible/1 rhetoric/1 pulpit/1 divide/1 color/1 dangerous/2 environment/1 frankly/2 anybody/1 room/1 watched/1 failed/6 inner/1 education/1 ensure/1 kids/2 treated/1 equally/2 protected/1 ask/2 myself/1 make/12 Detroit/1 Ferguson/1 live/1 dreams/3 must/7 outside/1 barbarians/1 fast/3 France/1 brutal/1 Islamic/4 viciously/1 mowed/1 ruined/1 ripped/1 mourning/1 damage/1 devastation/1 inflicted/1 radicals/1 proven/2 Center/2 San/1 Bernardino/1 Boston/1 Marathon/1 recruiting/1 Chattanooga/1 locations/1 weeks/1 Orlando/1 Florida/1 wonderful/2 savagely/1 murdered/2 terrorist/2 targeted/1 LGBTQ/2 community/2 stop/5 everything/1 power/1 protect/7 oppression/2 hateful/1 ideology/1 nice/1 cheering/1 said/3 need/2 focus/1 gathering/1 intelligence/1 anywhere/2 abandon/1 building/2 regime/1 pushed/1 Instead/4 allies/1 goal/1 destroying/2 stamping/1 doing/3 quickly/3 win/4 includes/3 working/2 ally/1 Israel/1 Recently/1 NATO/2 obsolete/1 cover/1 member/1 countries/6 paying/1 fair/3 usual/1 picking/1 cost/2 Shortly/1 thereafter/1 announced/1 setting/1 program/1 combat/1 true/3 step/1 direction/1 Lastly/1 importantly/1 suspend/1 immigration/9 compromised/1 until/1 vetting/1 mechanisms/1 don’t/4 called/1 Syrian/2 believable/1 what’s/1 happening/2 refugees/2 top/1 existing/1 massive/5 flows/1 coming/1 proposes/1 despite/1 screen/1 find/1 where/6 admit/1 individuals/1 support/5 values/1 love/9 Anyone/1 endorses/1 hatred/1 welcome/1 produced/1 lower/1 wages/2 higher/1 unemployment/1 Latino/1 Monday/1 heard/1 parents/2 whose/2 Mary/4 Ann/2 Mendoza/1 Sabine/2 Durden/1 friend/1 Jamiel/2 Shaw/1 brave/1 representatives/1 suffered/2 gravely/1 travels/1 affected/1 close/1 fathers/1 spilling/1 solve/3 represent/1 demonstrators/1 certainly/1 none/1 protest/1 behalf/1 meet/1 pain/1 wants/3 sanctuary/5 Kate/1 Steinle/1 aw/1 sad/1 talking/1 horribly/1 wounded/1 stand/3 corner/1 send/2 pledge/5 countless/1 suffering/1 awful/1 fate/1 build/2 wall/1 gangs/1 drugs/1 pouring/1 honored/1 receive/2 endorsement/2 patrol/1 agents/1 directly/1 integrity/1 lawful/4 ending/1 catchandrelease/1 cycle/2 human/1 smuggling/1 crossings/1 won’t/1 enforcing/1 rules/2 overstay/1 visas/1 demands/1 security/1 denied/2 listen/1 closely/1 words/2 enforced/1 considerate/1 compassionate/1 everyone/3 compassion/1 struggling/1 exact/1 opposite/1 relief/3 uncontrolled/1 proposing/1 mass/3 amnesty/1 overwhelm/1 schools/2 hospitals/1 further/1 reduce/1 harder/1 escape/1 tremendous/3 impossible/1 vision/1 begins/1 protects/1 stands/1 cheat/1 signature/2 feature/1 billions/1 making/2 I’m/4 rich/1 Using/1 turn/2 agreements/3 onethird/1 following/1 enactment/1 disastrous/2 supported/6 Bill/2 signed/1 NAFTA/3 Ohio/1 Pennsylvania/1 York/1 companies/2 move/1 firing/1 employees/1 along/2 happen/5 virtually/1 agreement/2 China/3 entrance/1 Organization/1 husband/1 colossal/1 mistakes/1 jobkilling/1 South/1 Korea/1 TransPacific/1 Partnership/1 destroy/1 subject/1 rulings/1 governments/1 sign/3 hurts/1 diminishes/1 freedom/1 independence/1 individual/2 enter/1 transactions/1 pages/1 reads/3 understands/1 violations/1 cheats/1 stopping/1 outrageous/1 theft/1 intellectual/1 property/1 product/1 dumping/1 devastating/1 currency/2 manipulation/1 manipulators/1 totally/2 renegotiated/1 renegotiating/1 we’ll/1 walk/1 don’t/1 kind/1 start/4 comes/1 reform/1 tax/3 regulations/1 energy/2 plans/1 proposed/1 run/1 Democrat/1 Middleincome/1 businesses/1 experience/1 profound/1 taxes/2 greatly/1 simplified/1 highesttaxed/1 Reducing/1 roaring/1 it’ll/2 regulation/2 jobkillers/1 Excessive/1 costing/1 $2/1 lift/1 restrictions/1 production/1 $20/1 creating/1 activity/1 miners/2 steelworkers/2 policies/1 flowing/1 improve/1 quality/1 highways/1 tunnels/1 railways/1 tomorrow/1 create/1 rescue/1 failing/1 helping/1 school/1 choice/2 rather/1 bureaucrats/1 serve/2 she’s/2 repeal/2 replace/1 Obamacare/1 choose/3 doctor/2 TSA/1 students/1 drowning/1 pressure/1 off/1 starting/1 adult/1 problem/1 completely/1 depleted/1 asked/1 pay/1 care/2 veterans/1 taken/1 10point/1 veterans’/1 guarantee/1 those/4 visit/1 hospital/1 waiting/2 five/1 dying/1 dismissed/1 VA/1 scandal/1 touch/1 department/1 head/1 provide/1 list/1 wasteful/1 spending/1 projects/1 eliminate/1 talked/1 justices/1 Supreme/1 Court/1 uphold/1 Constitution/1 replacement/1 beloved/1 Scalia/1 similar/1 views/2 principles/1 judicial/1 philosophies/1 issues/1 decided/1 election/1 essentially/1 abolish/1 2nd/1 Amendment/2 early/1 strong/4 Rifle/1 Assn/1 evangelical/1 religious/2 I’ll/1 given/1 I’m/2 sure/1 awesome/1 reason/1 contribute/1 politics/3 prevent/1 speaking/1 minds/1 pulpits/1 Lyndon/1 Johnson/1 institutions/1 loss/1 taxexempt/1 status/1 openly/1 advocate/1 language/1 speech/1 accomplish/1 believing/1 ourselves/1 bigger/1 stronger/1 lucky/1 wife/1 Melania/2 Don/1 Ivanka/2 Eric/1 Tiffany/1 Barron/1 always/2 source/1 pride/1 joy/1 dad/1 Fred/2 Trump/2 smartest/1 hardestworking/1 wonder/1 sometimes/1 he’d/1 him/1 learned/1 youngest/1 age/1 dignity/2 comfortable/1 company/1 bricklayers/1 carpentersand/1 electricians/1 lot/1 mother/2 warm/1 fairminded/1 honest/1 charitable/1 known/1 judge/1 could/1 pick/1 ’em/1 sisters/1 Anne/1 Elizabeth/1 brother/2 Robert/1 late/1 give/1 sole/1 mission/1 victory/1 winning/1 break/1 petty/1 past/1 believers/1 dreamers/1 strivers/1 group/1 censors/1 critics/1 cynics/1 telling/2 wouldn’t/1 doesn’t/1 Oh/1 defeating/2 rely/1 elites/1 anything/1 rise/1 occasion/1 independent/1 asking/1 champion/2 asks/1 recite/2 threeword/1 loyalty/1 parent/1 future/1 fight/1 towns/1 promise/1 God/1 bless/1 goodnight/1 goodnight/1

Thank/9 you/80 all/35 very/2 much/8 for/59 that/64 amazing/1 welcome/1 the/208 great/5 convention/4 we’ve/1 had/14 And/217 Chelsea/1 I’m/12 so/28 proud/7 to/173 be/29 your/21 mother/7 of/97 woman/4 you’ve/3 become/1 bringing/1 Marc/1 into/5 our/75 family/10 Charlotte/1 Aidan/1 world/7 Bill/2 conversation/2 we/99 started/3 in/76 law/3 library/1 years/13 ago/5 it/48 is/43 still/7 going/17 strong/2 know/19 has/10 lasted/1 through/7 good/12 times/3 filled/1 us/31 with/36 joy/1 hard/7 tested/1 I’ve/11 even/7 gotten/3 a/106 few/3 words/5 along/1 way/10 On/22 Tuesday/2 night/3 I/59 was/13 happy/4 see/6 my/27 ExplainerinChief/1 job/7 also/7 grateful/1 rest/2 friends/3 lifetime/1 whose/1 work/16 brought/3 here/14 tonight/6 those/14 who/35 joined/1 campaign/7 this/22 week/3 what/26 remarkable/1 it’s/13 been/4 heard/9 man/5 from/37 Hope/2 Clinton/1 Barack/1 Obama/4 America/23 stronger/8 because/18 President/20 Obama’s/1 leadership/2 better/10 his/12 friendship/1 terrific/1 vice/3 oneandonly/1 Joe/2 Biden/2 He/39 spoke/2 big/8 heart/3 about/11 party’s/1 commitment/1 working/17 people/37 as/28 only/8 can/26 do/22 First/12 Lady/2 Michelle/1 reminded/1 children/8 are/36 watching/3 elect/1 their/16 too/14 out/16 there/8 just/26 getting/1 Tim/2 Kaine/2 will/37 soonunderstand/1 why/5 Virginia/1 keep/12 promoting/1 him/7 city/3 council/1 mayor/1 Governor/1 now/20 Senator/3 he’ll/1 make/19 whole/1 country/25 want/4 Bernie/3 Sanders/2 inspired/2 millions/7 Americans/11 particularly/1 young/8 threw/1 hearts/2 souls/1 primary/2 put/8 economic/2 social/3 justice/4 issues/1 front/2 center/1 where/10 they/21 belong/3 supporters/1 around/3 cause/2 needs/2 ideas/1 energy/4 passion/2 turn/1 progressive/1 platform/1 real/7 change/6 wrote/3 together/16 let’s/7 go/5 happen/2 we’ve/4 come/5 Philadelphia/2 birthplace/1 nation/8 happened/2 something/5 teach/1 today/2 story/3 But/28 usually/1 focus/1 how/15 turned/1 not/33 enough/5 close/1 came/2 never/6 being/1 written/1 at/24 When/24 representatives/1 unruly/1 colonies/1 met/3 down/4 road/1 some/7 wanted/4 stick/2 king/3 revolution/2 hung/1 balance/2 Then/9 somehow/1 began/1 listening/3 each/8 other/11 …/3 compromising/1 finding/1 common/2 purpose/1 by/17 time/7 left/4 begun/1 themselves/1 one/13 That’s/12 made/7 possible/3 stand/7 up/12 took/2 courage/3 founders/4 embraced/1 enduring/2 truth/3 once/1 again/4 moment/1 reckoning/1 Powerful/2 forces/3 threatening/1 pull/2 apart/2 Bonds/1 trust/3 respect/5 fraying/1 no/14 guarantees/1 truly/1 have/30 decide/1 whether/2 rise/2 country’s/1 motto/2 e/1 pluribus/1 unum/1 many/11 stay/2 true/2 Well/10 Donald/15 Trump’s/4 answer/2 last/4 wants/5 divide/1 He’s/8 betting/1 perils/1 today’s/1 blind/1 its/2 unlimited/1 promise/2 taken/1 Republican/1 Party/5 long/6 Morning/1 Midnight/1 fear/5 future/5 Democratic/1 Franklin/1 Delano/1 Roosevelt/1 perfect/2 rebuke/1 Trump/17 more/13 than/11 during/2 perilous/1 thing/3 itself/1 cleareyed/1 against/3 afraid/1 challenge/2 always/3 build/8 wall/3 Instead/1 an/7 economy/10 everyone/5 get/15 we’ll/6 path/2 citizenship/1 immigrants/2 already/3 contributing/2 ban/1 religion/1 allies/3 fight/2 defeat/1 terrorism/1 Yet/2 lot/3 haven’t/2 pay/7 raise/3 since/3 crash/1 There’s/1 inequality/1 little/3 mobility/1 paralysis/1 Washington/2 threats/2 home/4 abroad/1 look/6 minute/1 strengths/1 bring/1 meet/1 these/6 challenges/1 most/7 dynamic/1 diverse/1 tolerant/1 generous/1 ever/7 military/3 innovative/1 entrepreneurs/2 values/1 freedom/1 equality/1 opportunity/3 should/17 associated/1 tell/8 Secretary/2 State/4 went/3 countries/1 hear/4 don’t/13 let/10 anyone/5 weak/1 We’re/13 takes/2 believe/19 says/4 alone/6 fix/4 Yes/5 were/5 actually/2 Cleveland/1 set/1 off/3 alarm/1 bells/1 Really/2 Isn’t/4 forgetting/2 troops/2 lines/1 Police/5 officers/4 firefighters/1 run/1 toward/3 danger/1 Doctors/1 nurses/1 care/6 Teachers/1 lives/8 possibilities/1 every/11 problem/1 Mothers/1 lost/3 violence/2 building/1 movement/1 kids/6 safe/5 say/5 remember/5 fought/1 Constitution/1 would/4 person/1 power/3 Two/1 hundred/1 forty/1 later/3 faith/3 Dallas/1 After/5 assassinations/1 five/1 brave/1 Chief/1 David/1 Brown/1 asked/2 community/3 support/3 force/1 maybe/1 join/8 them/13 responded/1 Nearly/2 applied/1 days/4 call/1 help/8 goes/2 Twenty/2 book/1 called/2 Village/1 looked/1 title/1 heck/1 mean/5 None/3 business/3 heal/2 or/10 lift/3 totally/1 lend/1 talents/1 ambition/1 making/3 lesson/2 history/3 slogan/1 guiding/1 principle/1 works/2 top/3 send/1 school/4 matter/2 ZIP/1 code/1 live/3 dream/2 dreams/2 within/1 reach/2 families/6 communities/3 love/3 trumps/1 hate/1 fighting/4 humility/1 determination/1 boundless/1 confidence/2 America’s/3 accept/1 nomination/1 United/4 States/3 sometimes/2 podium/1 new/7 national/3 stage/3 Served/1 eight/1 York/1 represented/1 titles/1 done/3 public/2 service/2 part/4 easier/2 me/20 name/1 buildings/1 builders/2 different/1 kind/2 American/3 used/1 whatever/4 tools/1 God/2 gave/2 life/6 provided/1 built/2 futures/1 grandfather/1 worked/2 same/2 Scranton/1 lace/1 mill/1 believed/1 if/19 everything/2 did/5 right/12 dad/2 Hugh/1 college/3 played/1 football/1 Penn/1 enlisted/1 Navy/1 Pearl/1 Harbor/1 war/5 over/3 own/4 small/7 printing/1 fabric/1 draperies/1 hours/1 silk/1 screens/1 give/5 brothers/1 opportunities/2 Dorothy/1 abandoned/1 her/8 parents/1 girl/2 She/15 ended/1 house/4 maid/1 saved/1 kindness/1 others/4 grade/1 teacher/1 saw/5 nothing/2 eat/1 lunch/1 extra/1 food/1 share/4 passed/1 stuck/1 gets/1 sure/5 learned/1 Methodist/1 ways/1 Children’s/2 Defense/1 Fund/1 doortodoor/1 Bedford/1 Massachusetts/1 behalf/2 disabilities/3 denied/1 chance/2 meeting/1 wheelchair/1 back/6 porch/1 told/2 badly/1 didn’t/2 seem/1 couldn’t/5 stop/1 thinking/4 child/3 became/2 clear/2 simply/1 caring/1 drive/1 progress/3 both/5 laws/2 need/3 understanding/1 action/1 gathered/1 facts/1 coalition/1 helped/1 convince/1 Congress/1 ensure/1 access/1 education/2 students/2 idea/2 kid/2 disability/2 like/11 stepbystep/1 yearbyyear…/1 doorbydoor/1 swelled/1 Anastasia/1 Somoza/1 representing/1 changed/1 got/3 sweat/1 details/1 policy/1 talking/4 exact/1 level/1 lead/2 drinking/1 water/1 Flint/1 Michigan/2 number/1 mental/1 health/6 facilities/1 Iowa/1 cost/1 prescription/1 drugs/1 detail/1 deal/3 four/1 seen/2 who’ve/1 mine/2 Ryan/3 Moore/1 Lauren/3 Manning/2 stories/2 7yearold/1 wearing/1 full/2 body/1 brace/1 must/4 weighed/1 pounds/1 leaned/1 kept/3 plan/1 universal/1 failed/1 leaders/1 parties/2 create/3 Insurance/2 Program/2 covers/1 million/4 stood/1 such/1 grace/1 gravely/1 injured/1 thought/2 Debbie/2 St/1 John/3 movie/1 Dolan/1 Sweeney/1 victims/1 survivors/1 could/4 Senate/1 responders/1 sick/1 Ground/3 Zero/2 White/2 Situation/1 Room/1 courageous/1 decision/1 finally/1 Osama/1 bin/1 Laden/1 motivate/1 carry/1 voices/1 Republicans/2 Independents/2 supporting/2 Democrats/2 struggling/1 striving/1 successful/1 vote/2 reached/1 milestone/1 nation’s/1 march/1 union/1 major/1 nominated/1 Standing/2 mother’s/1 daughter/2 daughter’s/1 day/4 I’m/2 grandmothers/1 girls/2 between/2 boys/1 men/5 any/5 barrier/1 falls/1 Americait/1 clears/1 ceilings/1 sky’s/1 limit/1 until/1 women/4 across/4 deserves/3 important/1 write/1 ahead/3 begin/2 think/3 cr/2 deserve/2 saving/1 worst/1 crisis/3 lifetimes/1 office/3 privatesector/1 jobs/11 auto/1 industry/1 best/2 year/2 satisfied/1 status/1 quo/1 shot/3 facing/2 deepseated/1 problems/1 developed/1 before/2 recession/1 stayed/1 recovery/1 gone/2 feel/3 isn’t/1 frustrated/1 furious/1 You’re/2 willing/1 awful/1 less/3 period/1 showing/1 empower/1 mission/1 rising/1 wages/1 Especially/1 places/1 behind/1 inner/1 cities/1 towns/1 Indian/1 Coal/1 ravaged/1 addiction/1 regions/1 hollowed/1 plant/1 closures/1 here’s/4 thrives/2 middle/2 class/2 democracy/1 appoint/1 Supreme/1 Court/1 justices/1 money/4 politics/2 expand/2 voting/2 rights/7 restrict/1 necessary/2 pass/4 constitutional/1 amendment/2 overturn/1 Citizens/1 corporations/2 patriotic/1 return/1 aren’t/1 wrong/2 take/4 tax/2 breaks/2 hand/1 pink/1 slips/1 Street/3 allowed/1 wreck/1 Main/1 science/1 climate/2 save/1 planet/1 while/1 creating/2 goodpaying/2 clean/2 hardworking/1 selfdefeating/1 inhumane/1 try/1 kick/1 Comprehensive/1 immigration/2 reform/2 grow/1 beliefs/1 companies/2 profits/1 pad/1 executive/1 bonuses/1 minimum/1 wage/1 living/2 wage…/1 poverty/1 affordable/2 unfair/1 trade/2 deals/1 China/2 steelworkers/1 autoworkers/1 homegrown/1 manufacturers/1 Security/3 protect/1 woman’s/1 decisions/3 wife/1 sister/1 equal/1 we’re/2 70odd/1 minutes/1 odd/1 offered/1 solutions/1 doesn’t/4 things/5 wonder/2 plans/1 might/2 noticed/1 biggest/1 investment/1 II/1 manufacturing/1 technology/1 innovation/1 infrastructure/2 invest/1 lay/1 foundation/1 transform/1 prepare/1 tuitionfree/1 debtfree/1 liberate/1 student/1 debt/1 ignore/1 debts/2 can’t/5 refinance/1 often/1 crucial/1 fouryear/1 degree/1 learn/1 skill/1 practice/1 doing/1 businesses/3 boost/1 die/1 parking/1 lots/1 banks/1 able/1 paid/1 leave/1 playing/1 card/1 investments/1 single/2 superrich/1 start/2 paying/1 fair/2 taxes/1 resent/1 success/1 gains/1 follow/2 ship/1 overseas/1 belongs/1 imagine/6 sitting/1 sounds/1 pretty/1 break/1 gridlock/1 record/1 I’ve/1 aisle/1 treaties/1 launch/1 programs/1 exactly/1 I’ll/1 businessman/1 closer/1 shall/1 Atlantic/1 miles/1 find/2 contractors/1 refused/1 bills/1 said/5 boo/1 needed/1 moneynot/1 wouldn’t/1 stiffed/1 sales/2 pitch/2 you’ll/1 win/1 walked/1 away/2 holding/1 bag/1 talks/1 game/2 putting/2 please/1 explain/1 leads/1 ties/1 Colorado/1 suits/1 Mexico/1 furniture/1 Turkey/1 Ohio/1 picture/1 frames/1 India/1 Wisconsin/1 choice/2 face/4 election/1 stark/1 comes/3 reading/1 news/1 turbulence/1 Baghdad/1 Kabul/1 Nice/1 Paris/1 Brussels/1 San/1 Bernardino/1 toOrlando/1 dealing/1 determined/1 enemies/1 defeated/1 anxious/1 looking/2 reassurance/1 steady/1 Wanting/1 leader/1 understands/1 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Obama full speech at the Democratic National Convention for Hillary Clinton

Excerpts of the President’s Remarks at the Democratic National Convention

“The America I know is full of courage, and optimism, and ingenuity. The America I know is decent and generous. Sure, we have real anxieties – about paying the bills, protecting our kids, caring for a sick parent. We get frustrated with political gridlock, worry about racial divisions; are shocked and saddened by the madness of Orlando or Nice. There are pockets of America that never recovered from factory closures; men who took pride in hard work and providing for their families who now feel forgotten. Parents who wonder whether their kids will have the same opportunities we have.

“All that is real; we’re challenged to do better; to be better. But as I’ve traveled this country, through all fifty states; as I’ve rejoiced with you and mourned with you, what I’ve also seen, more than anything, is what is right with America. I see people working hard and starting businesses; people teaching kids and serving our country. I see a younger generation full of energy and new ideas, unconstrained by what is, and ready to seize what ought to be.”

“You know, nothing truly prepares you for the demands of the Oval Office. Until you’ve sat at that desk, you don’t know what it’s like to manage a global crisis or send young people to war. But Hillary’s been in the room; she’s been part of those decisions. She knows what’s at stake in the decisions our government makes for the working family, the senior citizen, the small business owner, the soldier, and the veteran. Even in the middle of crisis, she listens to people, and keeps her cool, and treats everybody with respect. And no matter how daunting the odds; no matter how much people try to knock her down, she never, ever quits.

“That’s the Hillary I know. That’s the Hillary I’ve come to admire. And that’s why I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States of America.”

Can Donald Trump be nominated for president knowing his German heritage?

Photos: courtesy of New York Times
Mr. Donald Trump (German heritage) and Judge Gonzalo Curiel (Mexican heritage)
Frederick Trump was a German-born American businessman, father of Fred and John Trump.
Fred Trump was an American real estate developer, son of Frederick Trump, father of Donald Trump.
See Wikpedia
According to this information few Americans are real Americans. All have an heritage from some place else.
In this equation: Who has more Americanship rights? The Germans or the Mexicans?